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The rape of Sta Lucia

Although historically Saint Lucy fought for her own virginity our maltese equivalent is having a hard time to remain pristine as it is being attacked by the greed of developers with the citizens being left in a battlefield like scenario ( see photos)

One way to hell – a two way road with a speed limit of 30 km/hr was changed to a one way narrow road with a speed limit of 50 km/hr. This was a way how to reduce the traffic congestion from the main roads, with people crossing into St Lucija to reach Marsa or other parts. Interestingly, country roads have also been widened and given tarmac more or less around the same this road was completed. The road has also a large number of lamp posts (double lamp) shining bright light in an area where street light is usually warm yellow. Furthermore, since the road direction was changed without proper consultation with residents and considerations for the original plan of St Lucija, bus stops are now without a shelter and people have to wait in the sun on the opposite side of a bus stop used in previous years. In a community with a majority of elderly people, it is a real tragedy to watch old people wait in the sun / rain for the bus
Smart bench or useless bench? These so called smart benches have been out of service since the very beginning. Whilst applauding the sleek design, one questions the usefulness of a bench with no back and providing no shade. Once more in a community of elderly people, these benches are definitely not useful. They never worked from day one. Saw different functioning models in San Vito lo Capo. Why did we get the bendy buses of benches?
Transforming a garden into a dump – a once serene place with trees and plants (some of them cared for the residents for over 30 years) has been dug up and left like this since january 2023. Various residents have complained to the Local Council who merely sends complaints to the housing authority. Homes have been first invaded by dust, and now continue to be invaded by a terrible stench of murky water mixed with drainage that has been left to seep underneath the buildings for months on end. After the heavy rains in the previous months, no one came to pump the water out. We are now facing an infestation of mosquitos and risk serious health issues if bitten by a similar insect. The local council continues to brush away responsibilities although giving the blessing of transforming a serene space into a mess.
Further more, the little privacy we had between windows has now been completely removed. None of the residents were ever consulted about this insult of a project and what is more painful to watch is that this is an EU funded project to create a water reservoir, playground and garden. All this area needed was some upkeeping from the local council, planting of trees, and not a massive project benefiting god knows who.
Other upcoming issues:

Binja tal Franciz – new plans resubmitted but it is unclear how the local council will proceed about the matter
Ground tal football – new plans submitted for a mega project (low rise) for educational / sports / food and beverage purposes – the local council held a meeting but I could not make it. No statements have been issued yet
Civic Centre proposed by local council – no information apart from the fact that application is still there

The situation the people in the housing estate have been left with for months now
The costly smart benches which never worked. When you email the mother company like I did you end up redirected to greenskip. Something stinks

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