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Prompted by many relatives of cancer patients who contacted me worried about the lack of chemo for various types of cancers I went on a research to see what is actually going on worldwide. Me being me I don’t trust the sweeping statement its’ a worldwide thing so off I go to investigate.
What I found that there are companies like Novartis who deem producing chemo drugs as something not profitable business wise. The top 5 chemo drugs which are currently out of stock are
1) Pluvicto: used mainly for prostate cancer. Novartis has problems with its’ supply which translated means they couldn’t care less of producing it as it doesn’t make any profit
2)BCG used for bladder cancer
3) Methotrexate and Cisplatin chemo drugs
4) Fluorouracil
Worldwide there is a shortage of 2 dozen chemo drugs and the greed of the Big pharma ( yes have used this word) is one of the issues. The FDA is trying to work out a plan with these drug companies so that they continue producing these kife saving treatments while keeping the quality of such treatment as many seek countries where they pay their workers less for maximum profit and with little guarantee on the quality.

The latest list of out of stock meds in malta which I managed to find was in this article which dates back to January. In the meantime try not to get cancer seems the vile answer which the system is coming up with. When you read about the recent fraud happening with our hospitals one starts wondering if with better management and less criminals at the helm we could have stocked these important life saving meds instead of financing the latest speedboat to some criminal/politician. We are speaking about cancer something which is going to stay with us so this isn’t some unexpected pandemic. So when you see your loved ones waiting for the required treatment and they tell you : You have to wait! or We cannot do better remember Vitals the mismanagement the lies the fraud. These people brought not only impunity but indifference to any illness or ailment which no cheque can cover.

  1. Well done once again, Sandra. Your last sentence brings total significance to your whole article.

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