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On this episode of I’m rich you’re poor

Today in class I had this student drawing the logo of the Jordan’s on pieces of paper and sticking them with tape on his unbranded runners.

As a teacher I see poverty and neglect on a daily basis. Underage children left on their own for long hours, hungry children and children who are growing up without any point of reference. I call it the weed generation. And I am not referring to the legalized type but the one a farmer tries to eliminate as it grows on it’s own unwanted and without being taken care of.

Today a very important study has brought up the numbers of this neglect and we should be ashamed of ourselves as a country because we are incapable of taking care of our young ones. Its already disastrous that because of our greed they will have to leave the country to see some sliver of normality. 4 out of 10 children have been sexually abused 52% experience domestic violence 61% have been mistreated by their parents 46% have witnessed domestic violence in their household.
Overall it seems that our houses are the nest of violence and very little is done to address it. What happened to the house as a home a refuge for safety a place for peace of mind. From this study it seems that our children have become some sort of punching bag or hobbyhorse to abuse at our whim, Gone are the days when parents posted cheesy photoshoots of impregnated bellies, gender reveals and the hateful baby showers. As soon as the cutesies grow into energetic tots who have a sweary vocabulary you know that the beatings will start. The show is over.

  1. You paint a truly shocking picture of modern ‘family’ life in Malta. What happened to the unconditional love, care and warmth parents to their offspring? It seems awful that some children are neglected, physically, mentally or sexually abused by their own parents. Without the solid base that should be a given, what future can such children look forward? And if, by some miracle, they determine to work hard at school to achieve an education, what future have these young people to look forward to in a country that’s stifled meritocracy in favour of rampant nepotism? Finally, what can such a dire situation bode for the future of our country if its leaders have shrugged their shoulders at what should be their moral responsibility?

  2. You were referring to Maltese children?
    I think it is best that we have an early election, and there should be the third party for real democracy. As it is we are heading for a dictatorship, the elite from the 2 parties have united to take control of the country for their advantage, not for the rest of the population.

  3. 4 out of 10 children have been sexually abused
    52% experience domestic violence
    61% have been mistreated by their parents
    46% have witnessed domestic violence in their household.
    Would appreciate if you can provide reference ro these studies. Thank you.

  4. Your posts, in their totality, are always valid, even when controversial, simply because their basis is good for thought without being confrontational or unnecessarily aggressive, which is what criticism is about.
    Hopefully, you will not give up your quest with the fertilization of minds; we all stand to learn from one another.

  5. Well done please more of this maybe we will open our minds to the reality of our islands which we like to hide and imagine ourselves as a model for others

  6. About half of our future adults may well be dysfunctional thanks to severe childhood trauma. Society has dark days ahead.

  7. An excellent write up Sandra. An eye opener much needed today from a caring teacher’s point of view is crucial especially today’s children spend more hours in school than at home with their parents ~ prosit and wish you the very best.

  8. These figures really blew me away. I had no idea how bad things are here in Malta ….the TRUE FACE OF MALTA!

    We will reap what we sow…..not a very promising future is it!

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