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Love is Labour Lost

Many of us have been there or have seen it happening in front of their own eyes: you have a partner who you nurse through some sort of journey to recovery or change because too broken to take as is hoping they might change for you because yes you are you. So you try and fix him or her so that they match this idyllic idea you have of them which is in your head. In Italian they even have a term for it: “sindrome da crocerossina” where you literally nurse your partner to a sober state.
That is what is happening with some PL and PN supporters who are still dreaming that their party hoping against hope that their party will sober up and go through a metamorphosis which matches the idea they have in their head of what their party should be like. But it’s not happening. PL is not showing any signs of cleaning up its act and PN is just there as a decoration. In the meantime the country is in a state of chaos and no one is making any heads or tail of how to go about it.In the meantime the miracle on either side isn’t happening

PL have gladly sold their soul to the construction industry and are showing no signs of remorse. The few good men like the Mayor of Xagħra Christian Zammit gave up and resigned as he felt he was in the way. The Mayor of Gzira Conrad Borg Manche had to go to court to defend what was left of whatever greenery they have in Gzira. It is ironic that the construction industry and its overall control of the PL will bring its destruction. But that is the future. Near or far it is up to you. Or us.

The other established party PN is existing aimlessly incapable of capitalizing on the absurd amount of corruption cases we hear of on an hourly bases and has even lost its momentum after the win of the Vitals case by DR. Adrian Delia. They have it served on a plate but they never manage. Now they are on board with the Jean Paul Sofia case which alas we all know how this mother needs all the help in the world but they have to be careful on how to handle it. Sofia’s case is not a PR stunt. It’s the pain of a weeping angry strong mother. Handle with care and appreciate the responsibility you are carrying.

In the meantime people are asking loudly for a new voice a new party. Change. It was felt loud and clear with the election of Isaiah Riolo at the KSU who as an independent candidate managed to get elected on his own steam without any party helping him out. Young people have already shown us how it is done in a microcosm like the university. Now this wave of change needs to move towards the big wide world. It’s time for change. We need to bring hope to the people. I know there are good people. I talk to you daily. You reach out to me through messages phone calls emails. It’s time Malta liberates itself from the grips of a few people who think they can continue to pillage and destroy this country at their hearts` content while we suck it up and live in the never ending noise dust and claustrophobia which WE have to bear to line THEIR pockets. It’s time we put a stop. Let’s join forces. Help me out. I am crazy enough to think that we can win our country back from the clasp of these greedy bunch. Join me. The girl in green needs you!

  1. “ I am crazy enough to think that we can win our country back from the clasp of these greedy bunch.” – Same here and I cannot see it happening with an Opposition Party in hand.

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