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Biker Safety

We all know how roads have become an authentic death trap. Some have it worse than others when it comes to safety. Bikers are one of them. With the recent death of another biker the never ending debate about the safety of our crash barriers has to crop up.
With the Minister Aaron Farrugia guaranteeing that our barriers are EU certified as if to pass the bucket to “cruel” “ugly” “bad” EU what he fails to tell us is that yes they are EU certified but for cars. Not for motorbikes. Half truths or lying by omission as per usual. After some research I found out that all that needs to be done is cover these blades so that they become biker friendly. Just watch this video to see the impact the barrier as is has on the body of the biker

All we need are what are called biker shields to put on the already existing crash barriers. With 700million euros dedicated for our roads we could invest in making our roads friendly for bikers who take less space than cars and help in reducing traffic.

The actual barriers could be covered like in picture

Also roller barriers help to prevent deaths

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